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Project Unbreakble

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I found about project unbreakble some week agon in internet. Very good to know about this action. I think it can help many people with healing and recovery.

For me worst and confusing things concerning to the issue are:

Being assaulted or raped by a female assaultant

Loosing memories

Feeling to be used as a living object but not being treatened like a human being with a soul

Resisting and havening no change and feeling that I only reach the opposite I want with it.

At the end: Collapsing and feeling: Now it happens what you never imagined that it could happen to you. It happens and there is no way out.

It is like being slaughtered.

That´s why I support it. This groups is for testimonies, which are personally moving for me and for everybody who likes. Perhaps for own. If I will give a personal testimony to project unbreakable, I dont know. Perhaps later when I am ready. Not just now. Have to see and wait how I feel about it.


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