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The First Time Was The Worst Time



When I was 15 I was a sophomore in high school. I was also wearing a purity ring. I started talking to an older guy in my school. We started to hang out, and he seemed really okay with the fact that I was prepared to save myself for marriage. How naive am I ? A senior who goes after a sophomore and is OK with not having sex. Well just to prove me wrong, after he got to know me, let me trust him, got to know my parents and my friends and them to trust him he took it. He stole my virginity.

wow writing this has been hard.

I have written this down for me, for my personal healing. BUT never for other eyes to see. . .

Bare with me

I never healed from this.

7 years down the road I get the chance to go through it all again.

double survivor . double hurt . double alone . double emptiness .

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i am so sorry this happened to you more than once! it never should have happened in thee first place! i'm here if you'd like to talk

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