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Happy Endings?



Do we ever get happy endings? I found a guy that I trust with my life. We are friends and he is amazing. He makes my ghosts go away. We aren't in a relationship but I feel guilty because I've been with several men since I met him. I'm not going to tell him about them (even though we agreed to tell if we were with anyone) because he got upset when I told him that a guy was going to put me up when I visit him. I wasn't going to be able to stay with him the whole time because his kids would be visiting. I agreed to not be at his haus because I'm not ready to meet his kids. I seem to have this unnatural need to cause myself pain. Why would I be with these other men when I already have one? I'm so excited to see him and he to see me. But now I feel guilt. I don't want to hurt him. Is it wrong if I keep this to myself? I just want a happy ending....

PS-on a different note, suddenly guys are interested in me. I'm not pretty and have never been someone that guys like. All of this is overwhelming, suddenly having guys wanting my attention.


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I understand the feeling of not being seen and then all of a sudden you are seen....I don't know how to handle it and I'm married. It seems my husband never saw me till someone else did, now I can't stop these feelings and guilt is the worst. You are not alone. I hope you find your happy ending.....I'm trying not to destroy mine.

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Hell yeah you are pretty. And maybe you sabotage things thinking you don't deserve this great guy? Just a guess, idk. supporting you.

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Thank you for your support, it means a lot to me. I need to try not to sabotage this anymore. Unfortunately, I do like 2 other guys also. But this guy has my heart more.

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