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Feeling So Alone



I am feeling so down so lonely I can not bare it. I spend most evening alone just crying for hours. I'm tired and exhausted from being so alone I'm drained.I feel so down and out and that things could never get better. There's no where I feel I can turn and nobody that understands.

I feel like words can not explain how alone I feel. I live alone and my daughter goes to her fathers every other day. I need something to fill the void. I need some help please I can not be this miserable any longer it's to much to bare.

I'm losing any hope of my life every being worth living. I feel like all I've ever done for as long as I can remember is either suffer from abuse, or feel so hurt and alone by recovering from the abuse. I really need a little piece of happiness for times like this because this is getting very very difficult! When my daughter is gone I have nothing and feel like the last person on earth I'm that lonely.

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You are not alone in this struggle. I too have feelings of loneliness and despair but I need to stay strong for my children...your daughter needs you even if you don't feel like it. Don't give up there is light at the end of this darkness. I have faith that there is and I know that we can do this we just need to keep fighting. We cant let the perpetrator have the last say in our life, we can not let them win. We come out a survivor not a victim!! I hope you start feeling better and that your days get better as well. If you need someone to talk to I am here, don't be afraid to send me a message. HUGS!!!

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