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From: Who Abused You



Today is my 56th. birthday. Thanks to EMDR treatment, this is the first happy birthday that I have had in 44 years. For 44 years the 7-10 days before and after my birthdays I would become deeply depressed and suicidal. My Daddy gave me the extra special present of raping me for my 12th. birthday. Thanks dad for stealing my life, my family, and my personal identity. Thanks for making my very womanhood a dirty ugly secret. I stayed silent so that you could live your life filled with pathetic falconry worshipers. You got to have a self made falconry cult full of false followers, while you denied your unspeakable abuse of me, mom, and my brother. You raped us all, either literally as you did to me. or metaphorically as you did to others. Your sins are far too heavy for me to carry on your behalf anymore! All the family shame is yours and yours alone. Your pride is only an illusion. If you seriously want to earn your manhood back, then you must own- up to the damage you have caused to me and the rest of the family. Your 15 minutes of fame are over now, and I am taking back my power from you. The power you used to create your false little kingdom. You owe it all back to me now!

Everybody now......Happy Birthday to me.......Happy Birthday to me.......Happy Birthday Dear Dasi........Let Daddy's demons finish HIM off so that, all children and women withing his reach, are forever protected from him!....amen!!! :lindybear::cloud9::lindybunnie::happybday2:

Too bad Daddy, looks like your going to have to find another way to kill me! After those early years of hiding myself, cutting myself, denying myself, hating myself- I win. I will not let your demons write how this story ends. The only acceptable end is for all young people in your presence to be protected, and so they must be informed, so then they will stay safe! Luv Ya Daddy! I hope that when you see this your shame alone finishes this story! :butterfly:

Source: Who Abused You


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