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Work And Health - Choose



Okay, so I'm one week off starting a new job - a permenant one just for a change. And well, I feel like I'm cracking up - I can't cope. This is a nightmare. I rang the out of hours (mental health team) service, but as usual they were worse than useless. In fact they made me feel down right bad about feeling how I am - saying things like 'everyone that can work should work'. Well I think that was my point - I don't know that I can. Not to mention the tiny insy winsy little physical problem of epilepsy and multiple sclerosis. But then hey, why can't I continue to do everything that I am currently doing that is benefitting my recovery once I'm working you know - I won't be mental, emotionally, nor physically exhausted at all. And hey, I'll have money to go out with friends that I make at work - friends that I make at work?? go out?? I have Complex PTSD for Christ's sack - I don't make friends - never have, never will. And even if I did, I live in the back end of nowhere, and can't drive because of the epilepsy, so I wouldn't be going out anywhere. What a self righteous thinks she knows it all twat. Well now I'm just in an extremely bad mood.


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Hi sorry to hear you have had such a bad experience when you were trying to reach out for help. I find this happens when talking to someone who have never experienced depression, they just expect you to bounce back because they recovered from 'tough times' too. I have frequently been told I am just lazy because I stick to part time work. I guess we just need to remember that we know our limits and they cant set them for us. Either full time will work out for you or it wont but others shouldn't bully you in to pushing yourself if its going to do you harm in the long run.
Best of luck with everything.

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Thanks Casey.  I have in fact only just seen this, but it's ironic that I have since I'm currently off work for 2 weeks with 'depression' (a breakdown - god knows how I'm ever going to face going back which I have to in a week's time).  The job itself and the people at my workplace don't help.  The job is dull, and my manager in particular has been funny with me about my physical illnesses.  Add in that the mental health team have and currently are messing me about and I'm not sure that it's too hard to see why I'm in the state I'm currently in.  But unfortunately, I cannot afford to do less hours.  Thus the 'work or health'.  It's not really a choice to be honest.  It's sad you know that that's the world we live in.

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