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SO! As some of you may know, two of my brothers were responsible for me when I was raped, but they were both gone when it happened. My brother J, the older one, finally apologized yesterday. After almost 6 years, he told me he didn't want to believe that something like that could've happened to me on his watch. I hadn't done anything with him, just he and I, since he joined my brother A and called me a liar. I took him out yesterday for his birthday and spent a bunch of money on him because he never gets anything new. He supports his family, but no one supports him. All his extra money goes toward his 5 almost 6 children. While I was driving, he told me how sorry he was and that he wishes he knew where my rapist is now so he could kill him. But the statute of limitations is up in my case and I can't do anything about it.


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