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Pffft... This daily writing stuff is hard. Making a habit out of it and all. I tried to write as soon as I woke this morning as well. I don't think I got myself still in my 'dreamy' state, it seemed all too thought about. But maybe tomorrow morning right? I went to this awesome music garden party today at a friends house - took my niece (who's only 8) too. My friend is SO creative. She opened up this treasure trove of stuff she'd made into musical instruments or bought or been given along her travels. It had like maracas and castanets (many homemade versions too) and a wierd looking things which was almost like 2 wooden spoons attached together that you bangged between your knee and hand, and they clicked/vibrated together. There was this pipe which you had to whizz around your head and it made a whooshing sound. Then these awesome, I don't know what they were (homemade - could so freak someone out though if they weren't aware). They were made from large thick stiff (and longer is better) cardboard rolls - like the ones you get out of the inside of blue catering roll and such like. This was nicely decorated on the outside. Then on one end, it had a thin piece of plastic as though to make drum (fairly thin, but not so thin it would easily break). Attached to this running from the centre of the plastic was a very thick and long wire like spring. This made the most awesome noise when you shook it - it truely sounded like thunder. And there was a slightly smaller one with a slightly larger one, so you could have the effect of quieter thunder and louder thunder. Also, by just tapping the open top (the one without the plactic on) and making it tube move a little, you created this kind of rolling thunder effect like what you get after the main 'crack'. So much fun!!! And that's not mentioning the African Djembe drums!! My niece ended up leading a jam with one of them! I like music. I don't like 'staged' music, where everyone has their part and all the parts are known. But I loved the jamming we did. You just feel the rythem, you feel the soul. And it doesn't matter whether it works or not, it's all about just 'putting it out there' and having a go.

Yeah, that was today.


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