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Been Awhile



It's been awhile since I posted on my blog so I'm doing it now. I'm home alone this week because of stupid tests for the doctor. I have the pelvic ultrasound tomorrow and the mammogram on Wednesday. On Friday, I will see my new doctor. She is very nice. She's my daughter's doctor also, so we have already met. I'm hoping that everything is good. I've cut out most sugar from my daily life and it was much easier than I thought. I'm just days away from leaving for Europe to see the guy I really like. =)

I joined a group that he suggested and now I help people learn English! I'm going to add that to my CV and hope that it helps with my job search. I've been cleaning my haus like a mad woman! Ok, yesterday, I was lazy but Saturday and today....cleaning!! I thinking I'm doing well. The German that I'm going to see...he suggested that I get into T. Everyone suggests it, I guess I will look into it when I get back.

My laptop supposedly got a "virus" over the weekend, hence, the very little anyone heard from me. The woman at the Apple Store was amazing and fixed it right away!!

How am I doing? I think I'm in a good place. My German and I are going to create new better memories than I have from my ex. My German can't believe that I have never done so much, like dating and things sexually. He is so kind and gentle. I'm so glad that I met him.

Ok, enough of my rambling and have a safe day/night!!


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