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So we had a big ass talk. My husband and I.

I don't think my husband has fully understood the depth of my need for a man to possess me. Sexually,. to be submissive to a man. To be his precious thing.

I'm realizing that a lot of it has to do with my family falling apart, and feeling abandoned by my dad. The one man who was supposed to be my number one, the one who was supposed to love me forever, who was supposed to cherish me, protect me, and teach me... he left.

I was around 11 or 12... and I was searching for a man to fill that void. Enter P. A 16 or 17 year old. He showered me with attention, told me he loved me, and professed how he would marry me. Innocent enough, but I gravitated towards it like a thirsty man to a cool stream. Then it became sexual. Who knows when. And who knows how long between that first interaction and the first time we had intercourse when I was 15. Suddenly, me, this young girl who has always felt sexual - masturbated, played games with her dolls involving kidnapping and domination - suddenly I was getting this sexual attention from a man.

After that... there was no... hobbies... no .... I mean... I went to school. I had a job. I had one really good girlfriend in high school. And then I had boyfriends, or boys I messed around with... One after the other after the other until I met my husband. When I was 18.

I knew he was a good man, a kind person, so I quickly snatched him up. Up until now, we have been happy in our marriage... or... as happy as you expect to be, you know, with life and all.

Then we met these poly people. They basically invited us to play.. and one of the guys, he just KNEW what kind of attention I wanted... he could fucking smell it. Dominating, controlling, aggressive. I felt like someone suddenly was shining a light into the deepest part of me. It was like, who's that back there, I haven't seen her in such a long time... she's been chained up in the deepest part of me... but she's been creeping out...

She's been creeping out in the way my consumption of erotic literature has raised over the past few years... to the way I have been masturbating more then ever, and creating pictures and elaborate fantasies... but it's not satisfying. She's going fucking crazy... I am going fucking crazy..

So I told my husband that I feel like I need this attention... and that he has (by his own accord) no desire - nor feels capable of being dominant. I told him I want to feel like his possession, and he said, "Kimmy, I can never treat you as a possession."

I asked him if he could even in just a sexual capacity. He said "You know that's not me."

It was... it was fucking hard. He feels like I am trying to make him change.. but I'm not.. I'm asking him to try.... I don't know what the hell I need... I would love it if HE could boss me around, use me and make me feel so fucking good because I know he loves me so much that he wants to fucking possess me.

Is that fucked up to want to feel that? To need to feel that? Sometimes I feel like the ONLY skill I have is sex. Like... that is the way I know you like me, that you care about me... it's like ultimate Kimmy time. Whatever the fuck that means.

Anyway... we basically ended with... I know he loves me. In his words, "I'm here, aren't I?"

We're trying. I want him to come to counseling with me at some point...

And... honestly... I was fucking choking an integral and deep rooted part of who I am.... she was dying... now he knows... it's out...

Maybe we can move on? I want to move forward with him. I just want to move forward... but feel happy and fulfilled.

I also really hurt and feel ashamed that he is hurt because I am not feeling happy.. or like he can give me what I need. But I can't help the way I'm built.... I have always been this way. I never remember NOT being this way. No more than he can control the way he is built. A sweet, passive, honest, gentle person.

I don't feel like we're at an impasse... it's more like... there was a minor explosion... but now there's a clear little space.

I guess... also... I must remind myself.. this is all very fast in his perspective. Whereas even though my willingness to be honest with him and myself is fairly new... I have known this, lived with this, forever.

I also said the words, "I need a sexual outlet? What else can I do?" to him.

And that what I AM doing, is not enough.

I don't really know what this means... and now that I'm writing it out like this... I feel like a fucking selfish person. Horrible and disgusting and just... wrong.

Oh yeah, he also said, "I thought you wanted to, like, like you didn't want those feelings. That you thought they were unhealthy."

And I was like, "Yeah, I know they're not... normal... but because of my age when my abuse started... coupled with the trauma of the divorce... I am forever stuck with that sexual charge. I can't not be that way. I don't see myself ever not being that way."

So yeah... that also felt fucking amazing... scary... like... I didn't know why I was fucking saying these things to my spouse... I said a few times, "I don't know why I am telling you this, I don't want to tell you this"

There was lots of crying on my end.

He was incredibly uncomfortable and luckily we were going to go do something that allowed him his space to process. So it's ok.

He was loving on me the next time I saw him, and joking around... good ole G.

Just wanted to throw this out there to all you other peoples in the abyss. You too can roll the dice and risk everything to feel free within yourself. To know that your spouse sees all of you... and that maybe(?) they will roll with you.... but also... maybe they won't want to. And they deserve to have the relationship they want too. I am strong. I can make it through anything.

It was scary as fuck. It's terrifying to lay my soul bare to him.. to admit these things that are so socially unacceptable and "not normal".... to basically tell my husband that he is not giving me what I need... I felt terrible doing it... and I didn't like doing it.

But I felt... cleansed afterwards.

Like there was a little more space in my head for me to just... think. To just... breathe. Be ok with who I am.

It's crazy. I feel like I'm in a waking dream sometimes.


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Hi Kimberly,

Thanks for writing your post. I fell exactly how you do, but I don't know how to even bring up the subject. You are brave, I wish I could be, but I'm so scared. My husband seems a lot like yours, he is gentle and loving, but I want to be possessed like you said. I am trying not to go to Internet porn, I tend to get addicted to it, and it isn't " scratching the itch" anyway. Just feel like- why did I have to do that?- afterward. Good for you, you should be proud of yourself, that musta sucked. And not in the good way.


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Thank you very much for saying that. It's... still strange, scary, and difficult.

But... no matter what's happening.. I'm ok. He loves me, I love him... we are trying to figure this out.

I'm really trying to remember that each day, each time I can open up to him... that means he might be able to.

We actually had sex that he initiated. Said words that I liked, and I felt like he was present in trying to possess me. It was... better.

I am trying to figure out a way to communicate it to him. Something more about... it is how I feel love and acceptance and that it's the way I connect... to make it more... "I really like when you do this" and less "why won't you do this?"

It's hard. Every day. I get mad at myself for wanting more than his brand of love. But it's worth it to try... and I... yeah... I honestly don't feel like I will ever not need sexual attention (frequently) to feel seen, needed, wanted, loved, and safe. I understand that it is part of the way the trauma, sexual trauma affected me, altered me... but that doesn't mean it's ever going to fully go away. That terrifies me... especially since I feel like I'm so tired of trying... that I just... I've been trying to live without for so long... so I have to really work to remind myself of the small victories.

I feel like... and yes, it is scary as hell, and it feels icky every single time... but the more I own my sexual needs to my husband... the freer I feel. And... ultimately he is about love... and I think he's getting that I am changing, or rather, realizing shit about myself that I never had before... and he is going to try everything he can...


Day by day Flo. It sucks that we have to... fucking feel like we're tiptoeing around our spouses when we can't help but feel the way we feel (and who doesn't want a horny wife... right????)... but.... they are not like us... and so I just keep trying different ways to get him to understand. Different ways to phrase it, different ways to get him to realize that I need that kind of attention. It's NOT just getting off.. it's feeling like you matter, sexually, to someone else. To a man.

You know this... I know. I just get all riled up, angry, that it's a struggle to have sex with my husband! Or to feel good about my sex life.

Have you and your husband ever done role play or anything?

Honestly, the ONLY reason I brought it up, is because we met some poly people, and they invited us to play. I wanted to, G didn't. So we had already kind of .... flirted around the idea of swinging, and of having rougher sex.

It is very... hard... to figure out how to deal when you married someone who is fundamentally the opposite of what you crave sexually.

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