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I'm so nervous!! Today I have to see the girlie doctor....it's the first time in a very long time. I don't like getting the internal exam done or any part of it. Plus, I have to get an AIDS/STD test. It's because I'm seeing someone and we want to show that we are clean but I'm petrified of needles!! I'm so scared that I'm going to pass out! Anyways, I'm just so scared today! I could really use some support.

Thanks & I hope everyone has a safe day


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Ok, I did well with the bloodwork but the doctor made me feel bad. She is acting like there is something wrong with me. I say it's menopause but she acts like I'm too young for it. I have to have a pelvic ultrasound and mammogram. Plus she wants to know more about why my periods come every 3 months...

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I'm planning on switching doctors when I get back from my holiday. I just don't like this one. I didn't realise the pelvic one was also an internal....my mum said she started menopause in her late 40's also so I really think that's what it is and the doctor should know this! This is why it takes me 20+ years to see the girlie doctor!! I think I'll go back to my old way of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!!"

Thanks for the support!! Have a safe day!!

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