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I've recently started dealing with my abuse before now I pretended it did't happen and all of a sudden I have a million new triggers! Before it would happen every now and then if a certain song came on or if I was watching something or cleaning but that was it. But now I have a huge list of new one.

Police now make me trigger. Adverts on the telly. Looking into the mirror, certain foods. Certain smells. Some people are starting to trigger me even tho there not my abuser there someone who's actually supported me until now.going to bed at night. When it rains everything is triggering me and I feel like I carnt escape it.

Please help me I'm going insane I feel like I'm having a meltdown and I carnt get away from my own mind I just need the abuse to stop as although it has in reality mentally the pain won't leave. I'm at a loss and spend most of my time huddled somewhere crying I'm starting to Turely believe I carnt get thru this!

Lots of love leanneGeorge



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I promise you are not insane. I have many triggers too. I advise going to see someone about it. I have a therapist and it has helped me so much. My problems didn't go away after my first visit and they won't for a while but every time I go I feel a little better. I truly hope you find a solution. You are not alone

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Thanks lolo525 I'm on a couple of waiting lists for therapy but I feel like I need the therapy now! I don't know where to turn as I've pushed all my support outlets away not on purpose but I must of done it subconscious so now I really feel alone! Thanks soo much for the msg :) xx

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do therapist helped to lessen the triggers,do you take medicine to puts you to sleep?I'm planning seek their help as well,just want to know if its worth it before spending a lot of money for their advises.

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