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wondering what you guys do to bring yourself out of a dissociative event. When I get triggered, I will start to feel warm and tingly all over, sounds are distant along with my vision, I cannot talk. I start feeling myself trying to be very small. If my husband tries to talk with me, if I can talk and formulate an answer, I stutter badly. This is one reason I stopped therapy, because all I would do is sit on the couch and stare at the therapist and stutter. Help! I want to get better, but the five year old in me won't let me!


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I also feel that way,the stutter effect when its triggerring,cant explain the anxiousness to others.its so random.

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Something that helps me is to focus on my senses to try to get back in touch with my body. A friend once told me to count backwards from five using my senses. Like, what are five colors I see, four things I can touch, three things I hear, two things I smell and one thing I taste? That works for me sometimes, but I need to go slowly and I usually need to do it several times.

I also keep a smooth stone in my pocket that I hold/turn over in my hand when I feel dissociated. I wrote a centering phrase on it that read to myself over and over. That helps bring me back eventually, too, sometimes.

I hope you find something that helps you.

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Thank you for your suggestions. I really like the one about having a stone with something written on it.

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