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Mein Deutscher



I met a German guy. I fell in like with him. He was here for 2 weeks and then went back home. We said we'd stay in touch but everyone knows how that goes.....only we have stayed in touch. We talk everyday since we met. He sends me photos of his travels and tells me about his day. I'm in real like with him. Tonight we were talking and he asked if I would be visiting Germany anytime soon....I had planned to but I thought my plans were going to fall through. He wants me to visit him and stay with him. He wants to be with me. I feel so safe in his arms. I don't cuddle....I cuddle with him. I let him keep his arms around me and not get freaked out or scared. He looked up flights for me and everything. If I could do this, everything would be perfect because his kids would be on holiday with their mum...he wants to travel with me and enjoy his summer with me. I've never felt this way before....I can't say I love him because he was honest and said he's not ready for that and I'm ok with it. I think I want to give it a try. It's been almost 20 years since I was with my ex and I feel like I'm emerging from a cocoon!! He is so nice to me and sweet. I just want to enjoy being romanced and having fun with a guy I feel safe with. Could it become love?? Is it possible?

Sorry for the ramble...I just needed to tell someone because a guy has never asked me to be with him


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