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Been A Bit



So it's been a bit since I wrote anything....I thought I was doing better but then I slip down the slope again. I don't know why I do the things I do. I keep doing things that I know are wrong and stupid. The other night, a guy I was suppose to hook up with but we missed each other....probably a good thing. He texts me out of the blue. Asks if I want to make money....I knew I should've said no but I was curious. Stupid, stupid, stupid.....He just wanted photos. I've always said no but he was annoying me and I could have ignored him but I didn't. I regret the one photo I sent. I regret not getting control of myself. I regret that when I don't talk to others I make stupid choices. I'm becoming full of regrets. :(


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Thanks, I'll try but it's really hard not to......some days I'm just spiraling around the drain...not so much any more but it still happens. I really do appreciate your comment.

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Hey, we've all done things we regret. Take comfort in knowing that this regret isn't hurting anyone.

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