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This Is What Happened To Me



I know heard that this will help my co worker sent me to this site to tell my store and get help

well i was hanging out with my boyfriend at the time and his friends we all went to eat and we were going to go to a hotel and we all were going to party i thought that this would be fun my boyfriend and i were doing great so he told me that his friend will drive me there while he goes and gets the alcohol well his friend took me and i relaxed on the bed playing with my phone laying on my belly the friend didn't waste any time he didn't undress me he just pulled down my jeans didn't unbutton them but ripped them and started from the back side and i screamed and cried to stop that it hurts so half way through it he got tired of me fighting it he turned me over and i seen how scary his face was and realized that fighting will not help he is going to finish no matter what and i still needed to get to my car so i let him finish and asked to take me to my car after i called my friend and to see if he was working and he knew something was wrong i was shaking and crying he called the cops i made a statement but the lawyer told me that there was no point they are just going to say it was my fault and it would take a lot to get him thrown away in jail so i just dropped the case but i still see him a lot on the road and sometimes the mall i don't know how to act normal when i see him i freak out but one time i did see him i had a cigarette in my hand so i flicked it and it got his neck

the help i need is how do i make my relationship with the love of my life work when he comes home to our house and i am not fully awake i freak out he has to wake me up a few times a night i relive the night a lot

when will i feel like myself when will i not feel dirty when will i be happy 100 percent


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I think you should tell him. One thing I learned is never keep a secret with your significant other. It's probably really hard for the story to exit your thoughts and into someone else's but you will eventually want to tell him. I hope I helped in some way.

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i agree with the above answer. I also think that it would be good to seek counseling and find another lawyer if you can.

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Thank you! We are now better than ever. I am sorry I didn't respond I have been off this site just trying to fix our relationship and I am a full time student now. I have told him everything I have not been having as much nightmares.

what I am doing is when I feel upset or someone has mentioned it I will just turn to doing my homework or work out at my home I have also have gotten help they put me on medication it helps when I am in public places and get scared

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