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I Don't Know Who I Am Right Now



I have spent the day partially as my youngest Audrey. I have gone back and fourth from all three of us. I am right now I think I am Catherine. I do not know for certain as I am still in a fog. I am struggling tonight and I don't know why. Today I have been sitting at a friends house and not sure what I am doing. Audrey spent much time out playing bringing great happiness.

It's me Pixie. Hope I understand this better soon.


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Hi, this happens to us sometimes, where there is that fog and uncertainty over who is "forward", "out", whatever. Sometimes we realize it's a mix of more than one of us, other times it's because that specific Insider is unfamiliar with his or her surroundings or is rarely out. My Insider 13 always feels disoriented when she's forward.

I hope this helps. When it happens to us, there is usually that panicky feeling of who am I? But it does eventually settle, thankfully.

Hope you all feel better now.

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I feel a bit better today. Granted I just woke up so that might help. I am so confused about all of everything. I am glad Audrey was able to come out and play for a while I am pretty sure she was happy.

It is just the weirdest feeling because I remember that I was doing something but I don't remember what happened.

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