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I Switched



Only a very few people know about my others, of the 4 people I've told....1 is still here for me. Yesterday, I was Skyping with her and I switched. This has never happened before! I have done it texting the 4 people but never where you can see it happening. I'm kinda freaked out. Apparently, I saw a post and the next thing you know, I'm not me anymore. The thing is, I've had them under control and we've worked out an arrangement....well, they aren't allowed out because they caused some horrible issues with 2 of the people who know. I've been doing so good mentally and becoming a more positive person. I've been enjoying life and really starting to be happy....I just don't understand this. I'm sure it was because they felt comfortable with her but I'm not ok with this at all. No, I'm not in therapy. No, I'm not talking to anyone about this....I just needed to get it out. Sorry, I'm a rambler today but it's upset me a bit. Have a safe day!


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It's okay to ramble, sometimes that's when the details come out that you need to release. With being a survivor of sexual abuse, there is a lot of cycling I've noticed personally, at least for me. Strange things will trigger a flashback, even when you are on top of the world at that exact memory.

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My friend told me more about what happened. She says they have different mannerisms than me. Different hand movements and ways of talking, is this weird? She said I was reading a post and then I was gone and they were there......so weird for me to imagine. Luckily my family didn't walk in then because I don't know what would have happened....BTW-thank you for your response, I appreciate it. =)

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Try not to be too hard on yourself. Do remember that these 'identities/others' are parts of you too, just not parts that you readily identify with. There may have been a good reason for that part of you to have come to the fore at that moment in time. It may have been to protect you, or perhaps it had something that it needed to be heard / let out. But this 'other' is still a part of you and has / does serve a purpose. I hope things settle again for you shortly. Take gentle care,

Forest x

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Thank you for your response. They know that I don't like them to be out. I teach. Last year, sometimes the students would say I was bipolar....they didn't know what they were saying....they were 7th & 8th graders but it makes me wonder if they come out more than I know. That worries me. The post was nothing....well, it was something for that person but it meant nothing to me so why they came out doesn't make sense, they weren't protecting me. I think they were being naughty as usual. I guess what freaks me out the most is knowing that my friend saw the transformation. I don't like that at all. Have a safe day

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