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I'm New Here.



Hey, I'm new here, so I don't exactly know how to do this or what to say. I honestly doubt very many people will read this. But it makes me feel better typing this. I was raped when I was child, various times on many accounts. My rapist, my brother, should have known better. But truth is, I know he knew better. I'm 16 now, and he's in his 20s. Nothing's happened, and almost nobody knows, and now I'm trying to get better. I know I can do it. If anyone has any advice, please, I'm open ears. I need all I can get.


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Welcome, sorry to hear about your story, well done for opening up a a bit you are reaching out, I am new to this as well, as a mum who's daughter wAs abused by her cousin as a child I know how you feel.

An abuser do know what they are doing, may not why, but they are responsible for their actions. My daughter abuser has denied that he took advantage of her when she was just 7. My daughter is now 24 and it has hurt her all her life till now, and she is facing it now. You are 16, so young, is there anyway you can talk to some one at college or school, you could get help if you want. My daughter was so low, that her cousins encouraged her to tell me and her dad. I am supporting my child, it is not easy cause she is learning to handle different emotions everyday, sometimes anger, sometimes sadness, depression, anxiety. I wish you well, but don't go through with this in your own, it will be on your mind, if you can seek help. Good luck .

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Thank you so much for the advice. I've told my best friend about what happened. And I don't know if it will help ultimately, but it's a good start I think. Much love xx

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talking about it to someone you trust does help, it's a step in the right direction. I am new here as well but am a survivor of long term sexual abuse by multiple abusers. I am a mother, a wife, a social worker, a friend to many, but I am continuing my journey to heal fully. You can do it, just never give up.

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Take it a day at a time. You telling other people makes you an activist for child abuse prevention. You are telling other people's stories when you tell your own. Your awesome. Your words are giving power... especially your ability to speak up. Don't stop talking.People are listing. Don't stop blogging. People are reading your blogs.

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Confess to someone you trust.Please,help yourself.You know that you dont deserve that kind of burden.please.

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