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Too Much



I can't anymore I just can't. I want to go to leave this planet. I'm so alone right now. I'm so useless I'm a waste of space on this this earth, why would I want to go on. This is stupid. I'm sat here, alone, distrort, clueless, scared, sick to death or everything. No one cares about me, and if they did or do, I'm either unaware of it, or I'm successfully pushed them away. I'm alone. Alone, alone, alone, alone alone - always alone. I was born alone, and I'll die alone.

I feel the deep hurt again tonight - it's surfacing. I can't supress it tonight and I'm not in control. I don't know where to go with this. It's crazy. All the 'therapy' things I've been told about say 'you must sit with your emotions' - sit with it? I'm going to explode. They're developed by scientific people who have no idea what trauma is or does to you. Utter geeks! Enough ranting I think for now.


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I am really sorry that you are going through all of this. It is true we are born alone and die alone but life does not have to be completely alone. At least eventually it should get better. It has to get better. We cannot let what others did to us destroy us.

I wish you the very best :)

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You Are worth something, you are important, you are strong, you are loved.

You are strong, you can come through the woods, small steps, each day by day, believe in your inner strength, and it will come out.

Life is never easy, but you must not let it bring you down, you are allowed to feel crap, you are allowed to have bad days, but look for the good in yourself, And look positively to the future. Believe in yourself.

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sometimes to heal from such a horrendous action against our will, we have to face those feelings, emotions and memories, and it will hurt like hell as we re-live it but for some it is necessary to realize it's NOT YOUR FAULT!! please, don't beat yourself up over what someone else did to you. Time will begin to heal, as long as you allow it. Stay strong, hold your head high and tell yourself everyday " I did not have control over (insert here), but I am in control now"

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You are worthy! You are important! Do not allow this trauma to destroy your entire life. I have a daughter struggling to heal and move forward after being raped by two strangers. You can do this... Keep reaching out and you will find that we care! There is hope. I am struggling to come to terms with what my daughter endured that night. I cannot put myself in her shoes or yours. All I can do is say I care. Your life matters. You are not alone. There are many survivors trying to find their way. I want you to be a story of triumph and success. You will be in my thoughts and prayers❤️

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