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Is Someone Watching Over Me?



I'm not sure where this is going so I figured I'd put the tag on there in case.....

My first time was with my ex husband and I hadn't been with anyone else for 20 years. Then recently I joined Tinder (a hook up site)....I didn't know what to expect. I've horrible problems with men and have been afraid forever of having sex. The first guy who responded straight out said he wanted hot sex....it freaked me out and my others came out to take care of it. (They are the ones who signed us up for this site) I had a bad feeling and just didn't follow through. The next guy, the one I enjoyed 2 nights with, he gave me a different vibe. I was lucky and know it. I trusted myself and everything turned out well. Then this weekend, another guy texted me. At first, things seemed ok but then he said a few things that I knew I couldn't do and I told a friend that I was a bit scared. Did that stop me for texting him & arranging to meet him, no. Here's where that entity watching over me comes into play.....we never met up this weekend. I'm glad because I think I was going to let myself get into trouble. So my question is, could there be someone watching and making sure that I make better choices this time? Could they be making the universe not line up when things could turn ugly? If so, I appreciate it because I didn't have a good feeling about this guy. Does it mean he's a bad person? No, just not right for me. The guy I spent the night with, he was just what I needed and I keep looking for that again. He was perfect for my first time since my ex. I hope I can find someone again and that whoever is watching out for me continues because I need it. Thanks for listening to me ramble. I hope you have a peaceful night.


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