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First Entry..



So im not really to sure on what I'm doing, but i feel like maybe this might help. And i could be wrong but i will never know if i don't try.

I suffer from Complex PTSD, which is complicated by a dissociative disorder OCD and depression. I Have stopped trying to make people believe my story and have gotten to a point where i am struggling so deeply inside that i feel permanently stuck.

Though i know this cant be because there has to be more on the other side of this valley i'm in i just don't know how to get there right. So i figured maybe there is no other better way to figure it out then to talk with people who have experienced the same things as me. I know that we all have different stories and that some are worse than others and i don't wish to compare anyone to me or to make anyone feel like i'm am claiming that mine was the worst. For i know that it wasn't the worst in the world, however i am aware that my story is a bad one.

With that said i am wanting to make this blog be towards more of the experiences i have had. This includes sexual abuse incest rape self mutilation cancer illness torture kidnapping and even child prostitution. so please be warned that my blog might get a bit graphic at times and should be thought of as being possibly trigger inducing at times.

I would say enjoy but that is not the word for something like this, so instead i will say, safe reading and most importantly make sure to take care of your self first.