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Who Needs Feelings?



Feelings are so overrated! I'm so glad that mine are shut down. I love that nothing is bothering me. I don't feel anything and it's great. I'm so happy that nothing is affecting me. Have a great day


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I felt nothing for three years while I was being abusesd. And other than being numb I had sever depression and mild multi personality disorder. Not feeling the pain is great but the hard part is dealing with all the emotions when u start to feel again. And three years of hurt is a lot to deal with.mi wish u the best.

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Thank you for your support. I turned my emotions off for over 20 years and 2 years ago they were turned back on. I've spent 2 years feeling again and now I've turned them off again because it's getting to be too much. If they were on, I'd be a crying mess. I'm not talking to my best friend yet again....story of my life. Thank you so much for responding....it makes me feel less alone

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