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Is there really a point in living life,

If we have no one with whom to share it?

Living can suck without husband or wife

To credit your daily life with merit.

We need someone to listen to our stress:

Calm down our anger, console our grief,

To celebrate with us in our sucess,

And after a rough day, be our relief.

To whom else can we turn when life's unfair,

When everything's wrong and we need a friend?

To comfort us when it's too much to bare,

We need someone on whom we can depend.

We need someone to tell our daily tales,

To be there for us through both thick and thin,

To take care of us when we're sick and pale,

And keep us away from the looney bin.

Living alone lacks a certain substance:

We can't validate our own existence.

A partner can give our life abundance,

Because to our lives we need a witness.


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