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New Material T W



Skye here. I am one of Copper's Insiders. I know the rules and will adhere to them as best I can. This post carries a large TW.

Tuesday's flashback was bad enough. Not much for details, but long on emotion. Days later and I can still feel Jet's cane coming down across my shoulders!

But today...lord. We uncovered another part of why all of us hate being so cold. Can I get a ticket for Egypt, please??? 'Cause I want to go swimming in DeNile.

Copper panicked halfway into the FB, so I rode (and wrote) it out. I really want to tear up those pages. Remembering a beating courtesy of Jet was bad enough. But this new one... *deep breath* I'm forcing myself to put down at least the basics. Maybe sharing will make them seem more real.

The memory Copper ran away from involved Rev "calling out" a specific Insider and doing sexual things with her. To her. And the body.

Damn. And here I thought that was one line he didn't cross. How silly of me.

Not sure if I'm gonna force Copper to read what I wrote. May just hand it to Aqua. Most therapists give their clients homework. We usually are the ones to give stuff to her to read and come back to! But still. Kid's doing better, but she's still at the edge of her strength. If I'm not willing or able to handle this FB, there is no way I could fairly expect Copper (who is quite a bit younger than me) to cope. That is what T's are there for.

I wish we didn't have to wait 'till Tuesday.

I want to hurl.

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Hi Skye. Tuesday was a really bad day for FBs for both of us. If you're okay with hugs, ((((((Skye)))))) I'm really glad you're far away from Jet and Rev and I hope that they never bother you again!

What a horrible FB. Horrible memories. :( :(

I hate to say that my father did the same thing - also just realized it Tuesday.

I'm so sorry that Rev did this.

Sitting with you through this.

At least now it's Friday and next Tuesday is coming closer. And, if you need to hurl, go ahead. This stuff makes us sick and sometimes that's another way to release our feelings now that we're safe.

I'm sorry that my response is all over the place, but I wanted to support you, let you know you're not alone and that our fathers did something similar so I can relate.

Here for you in case you feel alone,

Fallen and the crew

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