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I am one of Copper's Insiders, but am not wiling to disclose my name. Regardless, I know the rules of AS and heed them.

(Poetry post)

The Dreamers dream,

The Speakers speak,

The Visionaries See;

Living out a golden prayer

For all the world to share

But then we're home

And all alone

Who pays attention then?

It matters not how powerful;

We still are flesh and bone

The Speakers speak

The Dreamers dream

Like lampstands on a hill

Open-handed, generous

So all can drink their fill

Blazing power can take a toll

But the public never sees

The Speaker, Dreamer, Poet, slip

And crumble to her knees

The instinct is to always Heal,

To turn that Power out

Always giving, sharing, more

Rise to fill that need

So the Speaker stands onstage

Amid applause and love

Gracious to a fault

Until the lights go down

And step, step, stumble

The Speaker's on the ground

I'm just a kid, but I have seen

Some striking Speakers falter

Screaming in an empty church,

Crumbled at the altar.

Because the Speakers only seek

And Dreamers only dream

The Visionaries only see the world

Mended, whole again

Until their well of Self runs dry

Until their heartbeat fumbles

These stupid Seers never seem

To realize they're human

Charismatic to a fault

Driven by the Vision

I've heard it said that time to breathe

Is stolen from the Mission

I can see that makes no sense

That you've got to tend your body

But then again, the Healer's mind

Doesn't bend to logic.

I worry for my Dreamer friends

That only see their Vision

I hope and pray their crash and burn

Will serve a timely lesson

A Dream can only be as strong

As the body that it lives in

Too many Dreamers run aground

Burned out and exhausted

Burnout is a surefire way

To undermine a Mission

As the body finally fails

Flogged into submission

There is no shame in stopping here!

There is no fault in resting!

If you must, force yourself,

Stop and pause, reflecting

Look at all the ears that hear

Who look up, all admiring

Let them see you need to rest

And that the body's tiring!

Be a model, show for once

That the human mind must rest

Bodies need to sleep and dream

It isn't laziness.

Maybe, Dreamer, this could be

A part of the song you sing

You've got the voice, you've got the chance

An audience listening

Or not, I know, I'm just a kid

I haven't got a vote

But, my Dreamer. if you will...

Consider what I wrote.

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Writer, I do not know who you are, only that you are one of my Company of Insiders. If I could, I would say this to you directly, but I can't. Still.

Thank you. The Dreamer read and heard your words. And I am thinking.


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