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Jittery Part 2



Copper here, posting with Skye's okay. (Role reversal, anyone!?!?) Obviously I know the rules, etc. On to the blog.

This is kind of a follow up to Skye's Jitters post.

Yeah, I am on a major cleaning binge. And I have been working to pack stuff that I know I'd be shattered to leave behind. But you'd have to know both me and my room pretty damn well to tell what is missing or moved. Should anyone ask, we do have an inspection coming up; I'm just doing my bit to get the house ready.

That does not change the fact that I feel a very strong urge to be ready to move. To be able to pull up stakes at a moment's notice. Minimize if you will; this kind of jittery energy has consistently predicted some kind of major change in my life.

Even the more practical ones in the System agree that being prepared for change is a good idea right now.

Do I really expect to be moving house in the next month? *sigh* I don't know what I expect. All I know is that there is no harm in packing up items that I treasure, but am not using right now. I know that it is actually a good idea to carry a couple days' worth of my meds and some toys to keep the little 'uns happy. I also know that adding a change of clothes to my backpack doesn't add much weight, and it's nobody's business anyhow.

By the time I'm done in here, my room will look very clean, and that's about all.

And should something bizarre happen, I can tell someone to go in my closet and pull any bag that has a ribbon tied to the handle.

Paranoid? Maybe. But push to shove, it really doesn't matter much. My room will be spotless when Landlady comes to look at it. My suitcases will be filled, and therefore not wasting precious closet space.

But I truly do believe that something big is about to happen. Got a couple of guesses as to what that might be...but I do not think that I am overreacting. Mis-reacting? Possibly.

Or possibly not.

Whatever it is, whatever is coming this way, change is in the air. And I always feel safer in times of change with a well-stocked backpack and several backup plans.

Just in case.


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Right. I even took the extreme bare minimum of need-to-survive stuff to my House of Worship today (meds, a couple of toys, sketchbook, journal) just to feel safe. It didn't change anything at all...but I felt a little bit more in control of my world.

Thanks for the comment!

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