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I Don't Know What To Do



Let me give some background, I host exchange students. I love them and consider them my own kids. Tonight my latest child told me about her life back home. She told me her dad hurts her & her mum. I'm worried about her. She is safe her for a year but she has to go back home to him. I don't know how to help her & don't want to start an international event. All of this has triggered me something fierce. My ex didn't hit me but some of the other stuff was reminding me. I want to help her but feel very paralysed right now. I just needed to get it out, sorry.

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So tonight I find out that she was molested when she was 11. She's no idea of what's happened to me. I can't say it out loud but I need to help her. Some guy just grabbed her on the street and took her to an alleyway. She has no one to tell this to because her father decided that she didn't need counseling. I have to figure out how to help her.

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