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I'm Skye, one of Copper's Insiders. I know the rules and will abide by them to the best of my ability.

I am not in the best mood.

And the ocean is a little bit salty and the Sahara is not the most hospitable place to live.

The crack Joker made in the DID thread didn't bug me. I have been pretty unpleasant the past day or two. Especially today. 'Cause quite frankly, I want to snap at every person who even looks my way right now.

I was already grouchy when Aqua cancelled on us today. But that sent Copper running for cover and while we can always call her back....nope. Doing so right now would only start World War 3. Mostly because I'm looking for a fight. Nobody in their right minds tangles with me when I feel like this.

I took us to Pdoc and Nursie today. And anyone who got a good look at my face found somewhere else to be. Rapidly.

I'm pretty sure that I was not the sweet, funny, friendly "Copper" that Nursie and Doc know today. Well, DUH!!! It took a huge amount of effort to not tear into Nursie over the whole SI thing. At least I didn't come up for a "random" drug test today. I'm pretty sure that if she'd asked me to pee in a cup, I would have told her what she could do with the cup, the samples, and the policy that requires the occasional screening.

Many problems I do have, but drug abuse is not one of them.

Anyhow, I'm just blogging to vent. Tomorrow is a Teacher day. She does not want to deal with me in this mood. And Joker is even more of a smartass than I am...and her humor has a sharper edge. I'm not really worried about that, though. Copper always shows up for Teacher. Which means that I won't have to.

At least I don't have to feed that damn cat. Right now, I am a hazard to anything that breathes.


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Hi Skye, I'm glad you posted a blog entry. We're worried about you all.

I hope Copper is feeling better following Aqua's cancellation and that you are, too!

Please take good care and know that we, as in, me (Fallenstar) and my crew care about you guys.

Hoping you find some comfort and peace.

Sorry I'm short on words, just wanted to let you know I read your post and that I am here in case you need to vent or anything. PM box is open for Copper and the Company if you are comfortable with that.


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Thank you, Fallen. I...I'd better not say much because my temper is still too close to the surface.

I had to haul Copper in for Teacher, but she did improve. Enough that she was able to ask for a hug at the end.

We're all doing our best. And reading blogs as best we can, but our best is rotten right now. The System rule is basically "when in doubt, don't post it"; that is one reason we've been kind of quiet. I don't trust my temper...then again, nobody does!

The comment and care are much appreciated.


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