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Last Night



Last night I met up with a friend from work, we went out drinking. I had just gotten there and the bar was spotlighting 2 drinks so you could get samples. I'm sure this guy didn't mean to freak me out but he did. He was an older guy and as I was getting a sample, he came up behind me and started talking to me. I jumped a bit. My ex would come up behind me so now I can't have anyone or anybody behind me. Like I said, I'm sure he didn't mean anything by it but I wasn't aware of anyone behind me so when he spoke it upset me. I was careless by not paying enough attention to my surroundings.

I had been planning to do a whole update about what I've been doing for the past several months but I'm too tired right now & I want to write it correctly so I decided to write about last night.

I hope everyone is having a good night tonight.....safe thoughts


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