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"learn To Let Go".



blog-0144098001406605018.jpgSo in the search for some guidance on life, one day I stumbled across this cute little book. It's called 10 Simple Things to Remember An Inspiring Guide to Understanding Life. After reading it, I feel like I need to share this one section from the book with all of you. Because there's one thing we all have in common-We are survivors. But I know I am not the only one who doesn't always look at myself as a survivor and has a really hard time just letting go(not that this is something to can ever just "let go of" but its something to work towards). So here is a little segment from the book about letting go & I hope you all enjoy it and maybe find some good in it like I did...

"It can be unsettling to admit how little control over our lives we really have. So how many life-changing events just happen. People leave us, hurt us, and sometimes get sick. The forces of nature can destroy our homes and all that we have worked so hard for, causing what seems like unexplained suffering. Our bodies get older and can let us down. Accidents can change our lives in ways that are irreversible, and we can be left asking "what do we have control of?" These are times to remember that our struggles are opportunities to give and receive love. When we say "thank you" for the gift of life in the face of hardship, we demonstrate our ability to choose the way we see things. When we make this choice, we are on our way to understanding what we really have control of in this life...and that is our actions."


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