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Idiotic Social Worker



Skye here. Yes, I'm one of Copper's Insiders. Yes, I know the rules of AS and I do my best to adhere to 'em. Enough disclaimer. On to the blog. TW for heavy swearing.

I have had it up to fucking here with social worker types! (See, I did warn y'all about the swears...) Copper managed to pull some weird Zen mindset out of her ass, but I'm still pissed off at every fucking social worker I have spoken to today. Some more than others.

We don't have a nickname for our new Housing person, so for now I'll just call her C. And C has met us exactly once. So far as I know, she has met Bee exactly once. She's never met Ladybug at all.

Now, in case I have not gone to the trouble of spelling this out in small words, Ladybug is a first-rate manipulator. I mean, she's right up there with Rev (aka Dad) and a scrawny asshole of a fireman we dated briefly. Ladybug has literally seen a cop car pull up, and within 5 minutes she convinced the cops that she was the victim because she's a little bitty girlie-girl woman and Bee is a huge, muscular hulk with a shaved head.

I have witnessed this shit so many fucking times. From Rev, from the asshole fireman, from Ladybug. From a dozen others that don't deserve to be named. But no matter what fucking happens, they come out smelling like roses and everybody else looks like lying, neurotic, psychotic bitches. I wish to fuck I was making this up. I once begged a social worker to save me, to get me away from Rev. I told her he would lie and twist her head inside out. She basically patted me on the head and said I was jumping at shadows. She had dealt with manipulating liars before. She told me that Rev would not sway her.

It took less than 10 minutes alone with him. She came out of the room and basically told me I'd been lying about him...fuck.

Nobody sees what these people are like except the ones who live with them. And so all C was willing or able to do was tell us to call the fucking cops if we started feeling threatened by Ladybug. What's the fucking point? And why am I even fucking bothering asking you for your useless bullshit help? I fucking told her that the cops would not believe me that Ladybug was hurting people. This ain't my first goddamn rodeo, woman. And if this is how you listen to your people, count me the fuck out.

She also got all condescending on us. Gave me a verbal pat on the head and told me not to be afraid of monsters in the closet. Go home and be a good girl and the big bad scary Ladybug wouldn't hurt me if I don't let her.

Fuck that. I'd like to see how C copes living with a manipulator like that. Like to see how she feels when the person living across the hall one day is sweet, the next a nightmare, and the day after that insists that the argument she picked was actually your fault.

I had to deal with C most of the day today because Copper wasn't talking. Yeah, this whole crappy mess has our leader curled in a ball, too upset to say four words in the right order. And we're not even gonna talk about the marks that march up the body's arm. Hells bells, if this goes on much fucking longer, I might see if I can get some relief that way. it sure seems to help Copper!

I'm just so fucking frustrated. There's nobody at the housing office that we know and trust. Know? Sure. Trust? Hell no. And all they are doing is listening to their goddamn DSMs and the times they've seen Ladybug (maybe 5 total for all the Housing staff, and I'm being really generous). I wind up looking crazy and paranoid.

Well, fuck that. There's a reason I distrust psych-types. They never goddamn fucking listen, and when they do, the don't believe the fucking victims.

Fine. Fuck you, C, and Sunny and Landlady and all the rest. Kiss my dimpled white ass. We tried reaching out to you and you fucking dropped the goddamn ball.

Why don't you find a nice job as a telemarketer or a sales clerk somewhere. Find yourself a job that pays you to be condescending and patronizing to your clients. From here on out I am fucking done with the whole goddamn lot of you. Copper or Orange or somebody else can deal when you do paperwork or your fucking inspections. Leave me the hell out.

Because if I do decide to take the driver's seat when you're here....watch it. My tact filter is broken and I don't intend to fix it.

I hope that one day soon you will learn from experience exactly what we have been dealing with, I hope that you will get the privilege of living with a Rev-class manipulator.

Hey, I know a couple lovely ladies who need a roommate or two...maybe they could move in with you!


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