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Temper Lost... By Copper!?!?!



Skye here. One of Copper's Insiders. I know the rules and always work to heed them. Blog time. Beware of swears.

Ohhhhhh shit. The world must be about to end. Why? Because Copper just lost her temper.

You read that right. Copper the peacemaker, the Healer, lost it.

For anyone who has not been following the soap opera over here, Ladybug and Bee were our housemates. It has always been a....tumultuous... situation, but we all made it work. A few weeks ago, Bee relapsed and spent a while popping pills and wound up in the ER getting her stomach pumped. Ladybug...well.

Ladybug's sobriety has been sporadic at best. After not paying her rent for a number of months (Why? Depends on who you ask...don't ask.) she was evicted. She and Bee spent a frantic afternoon packing the bare necessities and left. And among other things they left, the left the cat. I like Furball well enough, but cats, pets in general, are triggers to me. So it was a difficult few days. Copper cared for the critter and I tried to keep myself together.

Anyhow, Ladybug showed up at the house today to get more of her stuff. And she was drunk. And I mean drunk.

I did what I could, called showed her that the cat was fine. Then Ladybug went inside to pack. Half an hour later, Bee arrived (she'd had to take a different bus). When she went inside she found Ladybug passed out. That's when the fight started and it did not end for several hours.

Finally Ladybug (still quite drunk) started verbally attacking everyone in sight. And that included us. At one point she locked the door so she was the only on inside.

That was Copper's last straw. She hammered the doorbell and when Ladybug opened the door...well. She probably expected Bee. What she got was a facefull of pissed off Firebird. It takes a lot to get Copper well and truly pissed off, but it happened today. First, in the ice voice, she snapped "Thank you for letting me into my own house."

That was bad enough, but when Ladybug started trying to make it look like our mistake, Copper lost it. She didn't yell much, but it was effective!

"That's it. I am done with all this drama. I am OUT of it. From here on out I am fucking done!" She then slammed our bedroom door with enough force to shake the whole house.

Copper does not yell, nor does she drop F-bombs like that. She surely doesn't slam doors!

The (former) Housemates don't know this, but once she was safely behind a locked door, Copper collapsed on the bed, clinging to Terrence and Zoe and our Cardinals hat. They just know that they finally pushed Copper beyond what anyone can take.

In a way, it's a relief. We still love the Housemates. We just can't cope with their drama. And by her actions, Copper took us firmly out of the game.


But holy shit, Copper got mad enough to yell at people!


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Hi Skye, Its Teen one of Fieldy's insiders. I wish that she would stand up like Copper would. Please tell her awesome from me. How are you doing?

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Hey, Teen.

It has been a roller coaster of a day. Talked to a caseworker about the Housemate situation. She didn't help much, but we finally worked out how we are gonna handle it. (Today's big lesson: a manipulator needs someone to manipulate. If we stay out of the game, we give give her no fuel for her fire.)

And Copper says thanks. And that sometimes standing up is the most terrifying choice of all.

Peace out


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