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Smokin' Chicken



Skye here. I know the rules. Blog time.

We all know I love Copper dearly...but that child can't cook. I think she'd find a way to burn boiled water!

We've been eating a lot of Low'n'Slow Chicken lately. I can do it well. Elf...damn. Elf makes that stuff taste like gourmet cuisine!

Copper burned it. Now granted, the skin was nice and crispy...but the meat was too, and all the liquid was boiled away. It was edible. And we have had worse meals. Burning this stuff once can be fairly called a mistake, but twice??? In a row????

Me and Orange and even the conflict-avoiding Elf all agree. Copper can make PB&J and warm cheese sammies. (Not tunafish. Or anything else that requires a can opener. 'Nuff said???) And that's it. And coffee, of course...but not even Copper can burn coffee in an automatic coffeepot!!!

If I wanted to, I could tell tales about her *ahem* adventures in cooking. Thank goodness the ceilings in here (and therefore the smoke detectors) are super-high. I think we've only managed to set 'em off once or twice in the time we've lived in this house. Considering Copper's love of cooking...?

I love my Insider-sister. Anywhere but in the kitchen.

Orange will do the baking. I'll handle sharp things and salads. Elf can cook whatever she damn well pleases!

But henceforth, Copper is limited to simple sandwiches and coffee!

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In our house it's always been said that the smoke alarm is the dinner bell...and it's not a joke. Cooking isn't my best virtue either. Let it be known that I haven't had a fire in the oven since Saturday, so there!

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