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What Now?



Finally moved far far away. Nice neighborhood, very green and lots of space. Settling down is not so easy since i'm new to everything here. Mom started work already so it's me and the house most of the time.

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It sounds good that you've moved. But maybe now is the time for you to think about you. Rather that 'what now?' like it's lifes decision to choose for you, try it from a 'what would I like to do now?' angle. Don't go down the 'what do I want from life?' thing creating up major plans and therefore potentially setting yourself up for big falls if they don't work out (especially when you're just moved). But just think small.

Do you want to do a college course part time maybe - just for fun, something that's always interested you; or maybe have a look for a club / society that you think you'd like to try; maybe you'd like a part time job; at a more day to day level what about a shopping trip - got an excuse for some news clothes? (I don't need one mind!!); or what sites are there to see where you are; or maybe try a local diner/restaurant and/or cinema/theatre.

Just concentrate on YOU and on the immediate - the long term will fall into place (mainly because you'll be happier and more settled, or at least that's how it works for me). Good luck, and take gentle care,

Forest x

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