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Letter To Teacher



I'm Skye, one of Copper's Insiders. I know the rules and I do my best to follow them. On to the blog.


I'm kind of speechless. Did today's class really happen???

I'll admit it. I kind of panicked when you walked in the door. For the first time since the "archetype" incident, I was stuck in the driver's seat...and Copper was nowhere to be found. I turned inward and shouted for her, but she didn't reply. I was on my own. Did I choose to take the risk? Or did exhaustion loosen my normally airtight grip on my mouth?

After the normal careful (for me) jockeying and joking at the beginning, I drew. (By the by, you are the second person in two days to compliment my drawings. What the hell? I'm no artist!!!) But after that picture, we talked a little bit. That's normal for art T sessions. But what in green blazes made me say aloud, to you that this week has been one long round of Alt Roulette????

I wanted to clap my hand over my mouth. I wanted to sink into the floor. I wanted to grab my backpack and run.

You just gave me more paper and asked "How do you get grounded? When it's crazy like that, what do you hold on to?"

I told you. You smiled, tapped the paper, and walked away.

With effort, I grabbed my pen before I gnawed one of your high-end colored pencils. It's hard for a word-person like me to translate language into images but I think I did a decent job of it. And after that one...we talked. We talked. Skye and Teacher talked.

Though you didn't say my name, (and it is possible you weren't sure what it is) you interacted with me. Not Copper. I know how you talk with her-- I've been close at hand every Wednesday for the past two years. I could tell that you knew that I am not her.

You laughed at my alt jokes. When I made a crack about being out of my mind...minds... you laughed with me. I'm pretty sure that the pronoun "we" got used far more than "I". You didn't even blink. When I complained about the perils of grocery shopping as a multiple, you understood. You even said how everybody has their own likes and dislikes in food, and shopping could be...challenging.

Teacher, I have no idea what brought about this change. Maybe I made the right kind of effort to open the door a bit more. Maybe you did. Maybe Aqua intervened again. Probably all of the above. I don't think I care.

I don't trust you like Copper does. Not yet. I don't hold grudges; it just takes me an incredibly long time to trust people. Push to shove, I'm still working on that with Aqua and she's known about the multiple thing a lot longer than you. I have spoken to her as myself way more than I have spoken to you.

When I trust, I do so slowly and with extreme caution. It is not often a second chance is given.

Frankly, I'm shocked I spoke so freely to you today. And I am beyond stunned that you responded to me.

To Skye.


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This sounds that Skye the "archetype" has changed in Teachers mind. This is so good that she is recognizing you even though she has not said your name to you, it sounds like she is beginning to believe in the world of DID and the lives of multiples.

I am very sorry to hear about the alt roullette that is playing out at this time. Hopefully it will settle down and the other Insiders will be much more behaved.

It is much better that Teacher is beginning to recognize you and the other Insiders and yes I do agree trust needs to build and it needs to be nourished to succeed. I hope your able to increase your trust level in Teacher, I sense she is good for you as she is for Copper.

I send you all my best, Skye



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Hi, Alas

I agree, this is a very good thing. It's hard; I always have tended toward isolation rather than trusting....but I pride myself in being able to adapt.

It's always good to see your comments, Alas :)


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I am so happy for you that Teacher heard Aqua and understands you are you. She sounds incredibly important to Copper and yourself and I am glad this could be straightened out :)

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