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Get Over It



Skye here. By now y'all probably know that I'm one of Copper's Insiders. I know the rules. Blog time.

Looks like we've got another poetry night.

Well, that was dumb

A big over-reach

I don't do it often, but when I do...

Is the term "epic" too overused?

An epic failure

Both feet in my mouth

I thought maybe you were ready

To hear some of my truth

The reality

Of me

Boy did I misjudge.

You can't weigh pain against pain

I know that

You can't say I suffered this and you suffered that

And my pain trumps yours

Because it was longer

Or harder

Or deeper

Or left more scars or bruises

Or alts

We all carry our own baggage

Yours is heavy to you

Mine is to me

If I could carry yours, I would....

I'm used to the weight of the bags I carry

I barely even notice them most of the time

The drive to keep going, move forward, push upward

Is very, very strong.

And I will not let my baggage hold me back

Sometimes, though

I do get tired

And once in a great while I try to set my baggage down

Once in a green moon, I try to tell you what I carry

But I don't even notice how strong I've become

Decades of hauling all this crap has built my muscles

To where I sometimes forget my strength

Like I did tonight.

I thought you could hear, understand

I thought you could maybe sit with me

While I rested my arms and back and shoulders

It's pointless to try and weigh pain against pain

But tonight I'm doing it

Because you can't understand a load like mine

Your own road has been rocky enough...for you.

Your path has left you with bags of your own

It's not my place to judge whose road has been worse

But it hurt when you brushed off my bags

When you scoffed at my need to rest

As if resting makes a person weak-willed

Or somehow less a fighter

I can only hope that the day will come

When you hear the insult implied

In the words

"Get over it."


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I do too. And they hurt a lot worse coming from a fellow survivor. Gonna be a looooong time before any of us even consider trying to trust Ladybug with any of our story. At least we were able to make a graceful exit after that horrible phrase was put into play...and not let her see us bleed.

Oh well. Such is life, I guess. Thanks for replying, Fieldy.


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I saw your post and I see your pain in this entry. I'm so sorry and we are here to offer support. I pray that someday Ladybug's ears and mind will be opened and she will hear what it was that she really said to you and come back to make it right.


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That reaction is exactly what I was afraid would happen to me when I joined. I am sorry it happened to you, but what you wrote is both beautiful and true. Keep your head high, don't let them see you cry, push on, stay strong, and cowgirl up :)

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