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Get It Together



-trigger- profanity at very end.

Bring it in. Lock it up. Bars and all. Chain in it. Hold it inside....

Please let's be my old self to-night....

He is there. Deep inside. trembling and scared. It's safe for now. It will hold.

Check the deadbolts thirteen times. Come on James.

Come and show. I need you....

Smile. Laugh. Joke. It's not fake. It is you. You're not a liar it is true.

God... come on. You can do it. Get with it.

vakry. valkerie. valhalla. strong and true this is you

You've gone through worse. You made it thought the storm. you can do this.

I'm such a liar. This is not working. I just want to rip my hair out and scream fuck you!


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