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Magical Garden



Zipping merrily through sweet paradise

Yellowish skies with ribbons of blue

Xeranthemum fields play compliment to

Waterfalls of rich chocolate fondue

Vines of licorice spiral and climb

Upwards around cotton candy covered

Trees nesting lively marsmallow peeps

Singing tunes of visible colors

Rainbows that glimmer emerging from

Quartz rock candy scattered around

Perfectly iced giant cupcake bushes

Oh, what a delicious scene I've found!

Night falls upon this magical garden

Moonlight litters the air with golden specks

Life soon stirs all the mystical creatures

Kingdoms of occult feel full moon's effect

Jubilantly I observe this wonder

Inconceivable sights make me believe

Hearty tales I was told as a child

Glorious myths proving real on this eve

Fairies sprinkle me with fairy dust

Enabling me to fly, I twirl up high

Dancing mid air 'till dawn's early light

Charming my tiny friends' musical cries

Bliss disappears as my alarm clock screams

Annoyed, I realize it was just a dream.


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