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Capoeira - Learning To Fight Without Touching



I decided in November to take on a new task, a new activity that I can learn but feel safe in as well. I'm not one for fighting, not one for working out either. But having enrolled my extremely active 4 year old into a Capoeira Preschool, the only one of it's kind in the WORLD, and having my daughter go after school, I decided I'd like to try it.

Folks, it's amazing. Where traditional martial arts involves sparring, involves touch and impact, this one does not. If you get kicked, it's quite by accident because it's a game although it can be used for defensive and offensive fighting. If you've never seen it done, you should check it out. I'm hooked completely. I love that it's more like dancing than karate. There's more acrobatics and gymnastics and it's constantly moving. It's fast and slow, it's based in music and history and was developed in a time of severe oppression of slaves in Brazil.

I love that when they show me manuevers, they don't have to touch me to show it. I don't like being touched. I love that everyone accepts you without having to know your story. It's a family and they take everyone, all they ask is that you try. Isn't that what true family does? It's energizing and addictive and it's a little intimidating at first but with awesome instructors like mine, you feel like you can accomplish something.

I made a huge stride last night in seeing HUGE improvement with a manuever that I was struggling with for several weeks. A man who was learning with us showed me a way to make the move easier. He said that although when playing capoeira in the circle your space is limited, I have the benefit of being small and therefore needing less space to move. By moving my foot a couple of inches across, the move came so much easier. I was so excited. I feel my confidence grow.

And here I am, confidence? What's that? Something I've never had any of before. I feel stronger, prouder, more able. Can something so simple really help to build those feelings??? It seems so. I just wanted to share this. It's huge for me.


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