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i want to help myself, i want to let it out but after seeing similar stories and feelings from others, i back off.

i don't know why i just can't seem to let it out.

whatever lies ahead i know i have to live with all of it.


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I can relate to that. I just joined this site as well as a women's group in my neighborhood. I know these steps wil get me somewhere, tho I have no clue where. Then again, thats just part of the journey I suppose. You are brave for sharing even that small bit that you did. It helped me anyway. Thank you.

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Brain, it's such a long journey and you will get there - but at your own pace. This is about YOU, not all the other people who have gone through similar. It's not a race or a competition. There's no winning post, and no second place.

I have been in counselling for nearly 2 years now on and off, and I feel no different to when I started. I spend most of my time there sat in lofty silence, leaving my counselling totally perplexed. But it takes my YEARS upon years to even BEGIN to trust someone. It won't happen in the few months I've been seeing this counselling. So I get where you're coming from - I can't talk about deep things with her. And even if I did/do, it feels totally false as I don't feel anything about them. I couldn't express the anger etc... that others do on here because I rarely feel it, and even when I do I don't know how to.

So take you time - there's no rush. You'll heal when you're good and ready too.

Forest x

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