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My Story.



blog-0402576001362246884.jpgHello :) I'm helannah i am 16 years of age and this is my story.

In 2011 i had a boyfriend called ryan and we've never had sexual intercourse but as we got further into the relationship he started acting really weird towards me as if i wasn't there any more,2 weeks after we had been together he raped me while his mother was downstairs i didn't say nothing until 1 month after but i told the police about it and i had no justice at all he got 180 hours community servise 7 years on the sex offenders register and 10 years suspended sentence and i still see him in my town .

in 2012 i got talking to a guy called daniel and i thought me and him were getting somewhere i met him once and he was smoking a lot of weed i didn't have any of it though but he kept crying because he thought his ex girlfriend was calling him and playing a song but it wasn't . after that we got talking again and he invited me round his to watch movies ect so i agreed he came back to my town in norfolk and he brought his dog with him so we got the bus to norwich and after we got there we went to a park and he saw his friends there and brought some weed and took them back to his but after that we done some shopping and went back to his , he lit up a joint and he asked me if i wanted any but i said no after the second one they lit up i got pressured into having one so i had at least two tokes off it then i started feeling really sleepy and sick so i passed out for hours when i woke up 2 of his other friends arrived to have a tattoo done when they left i passed out again when i woke up two of his other friends were asleep one was on a chair next to the sofa where i was laying the other was next to him near the door and daniel was opposite them i went to the loo and put my pjs on then i fell back to sleep again i woke up again and found myself being raped and his friends never woke up .i never said anything to the police about that one .

A few months after that i got talking to a girl called Colleen and she seemed really nice i met up with her twice and saw her kids and husband me met up again a few months later and we got a few little drinks and she promised a girly night in like she said her husband said that we go up to their room and watch a movie and we watched 20 minutes of the movie and they kept forcing me to have a drink after that i started feeling sleepy then her husband tried taking my knickers off and i said no but he wouldn't take no for an answer then it happened again after it all happened they took me home as if nothing happened .

Now I'm having therapy and i still can't get the flash backs out of my head it's wrecking the relationship by getting me down all the time .


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I'm sorry that you were attacked and abused like that. It wasn't your fault! You don't deserve to be treated so horribly.

I hope the therapy will help you heal and work towards a better life.

With support,

Activist Ally

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i know but i just didn't know the reason for it :/ the therapy is going okay so far but i only have 2 sessions left and i just don't think i'm getting any better :(

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I hope you can let them know that you still need more help and that you can either continue therapy or find a different therapist that will stay with you until you do get better.

Remember you are a valuable person, no matter what others think or say about you or do or have done to you...you are very worthwhile.

Activist Ally

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