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Recently ive just got another therapist this is my 3rd one now and out of all the therapists that have helped me this one happens to be the best I get the idea that she really wants to help me shes trying to get me into work even though ive been registered as unable due to high anxiety . Overall ive been suffering badly once again with bullying, on my Facebook page I had a lot of nasty comments said to me because I had an abortion in july but due to the person I was with at the time I couldnt keep it but I wouldnt of had the baby because I thought my education was more important and I wanted to settle down and then have kids but those people found out about it and they said I was lying only because I said I miscarried and the hospital said in their own words that "if you miscarry in a hospital its an abortion if you miscarry at home its a miscarriage" which is what I went by and I got called a liar for it but I never wanted anyone to know because its my life and I do what makes me happy after a while it went quiet then my first rapists sister started sending me death threats saying my time will come and that I should drop down dead not the kind of words I expected from a 30 year old! I had to get a police woman out and she put a harassment order on on the main girl causing the problems then It all stopped thank god! But recently ive been finding things quite hard due to my rapist sending me a nasty message saying he never raped me but yet he pleaded guilty in court and ive been suffering for a long time but in the end I blocked him I now have a fiancé and im very happy I still get my down moments but who dont ? But after being a surviver once again from menyal abuse I am now a stronger person :)

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sorry to hear that you had have so hard time

and i can´t say any realy good, but i think you are a

strong person, and hope you can get to be oki again.

thank you for share this, glad to read it to

wish you a fine day

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