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I'm Ok With Being Alone.



blog-0489862001387244608.jpgI still have the house to myself for a little while longer and I'm dreading my mother's return. I was really hoping to be further along with my house hunting than I am.

CS has been coming over A LOT. I like the company but he's starting to drive me insane. This afternoon was okay though, but that's because he was inside watching a movie while I was outside shoveling snow and doing chores. As soon as I came inside he was at it again. Little stupid things. Making dumb jokes and not taking anything seriously. Then again, maybe I'm being too serious and need to lighten up? I can never tell.

Either way, I'm glad to be alone for the next few days. The company was great when it kept away the night terrors, but now they are coming back regardless of who is here with me. Is it wrong to want to be alone so much? I love being at school with my friends and get upset if I don't get to see them, but then I turn around and jump for joy when they say they can't come over for a few days. I feel like I'm being a bad friend.

I just need the space, I need to breathe. I need a break from friends, a break from this place, a break from life.

How am I supposed to share a house with my roommates like this???

Growing up sucks....

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Cannot express how much I can relate to this. I look forward to being alone and people think i'm crazy for it but I can't imagine the need to be with people every second of every day.

You're not a bad friend. Everyone needs their space every now and then. I understand.

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