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Scary Dreams



Last night I had really bad dreams after reading all the posts on oral r***. I would never have called it that, even though I now know that's what it was. My dreams were so vivid but nobody saved me. I couldn't scream but I was terrified! I've gnawed my fingers to the point of bleeding!! All of them now have some scab or other. I'm scared to sleep tonight. I'm scared the dreams will come back. I'm scared that no one will care what happens to me.....Guess I'll try to sleep


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I go through those phases of dreams too...

It's hard to find ways to stop them but they usually last a couple of days for me. At the moment I find I'm not able to shut off, it's like my body telling me it doesn't want the dreams again

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In the dreams, it was haus guests that did this. My best friend saw me but he didn't help me. I looked to him for help but he never came. He's been so patient with me. I tell him everything because it helps. I worry about him because he shouldn't know all of this. Last night, I had another dream with him. He's my Superman and protects me. I just want the dreams to stop & my body not to react to them! Thank you for listening & supporting.

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I haven't had them in a few nights. My best friend was upset because the other night I couldn't sleep. I took some pills to help me sleep and had a beer with it. It was after 3:30 in the morning. I just wanted to sleep. He was worried. It doesn't help that he isn't here & in a different timezone. I miss him. I haven't had any dreams for several days now. Maybe yours will go away. Do you tell them to anyone? I tell my friend and they go away, mostly. Thank you for supporting me also!!

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