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A Ghost In This Town



This poem was written much more recently than the others, within the last 8 years I think. Feel free to comment if you would like. I am always open to criticism.

A Ghost in This Town

The good old days that have flown past;

they plague my waking hours with sorrow,

and my rest with nightmares of solitude.

I pass in silence, like death walking,

watching with patient horror

as my fears become my reality.

At the grocery, the mall, the theaters,

eyes of every hue pass through me

seeking the next wonder to behold.

Wonders that I dare not see

as I pass on toward transparency.

My every step is shadowed

with my own flavor of doubt.

I know not if I have the strength

to break this cycle of anxiety.

My words sound hollow even to myself,

my smile a deception of courage

My infirmities amplify the rejection

of those who scatter to every course

in fear of my infection.

I pass un-noticed through this place,

as I live my days in translucence.

I know they do not see me,

I know I should not care.

But though I care,

I press on to define "me"

So that I shall awake free

of this lonely borne abasement.


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Wow! I love this. Thank you for sharing your gift. When I read this I feel like someone else has given words to fit my pain and isolation. Please keep writing and sharing!

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