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A Happy Post!



blog-0720141001384750931.jpgA happy post for once!

I was so worried about being home alone for so long, and here it turned out to be the best few weeks I've had in a while!

My friends have been by my side through the whole thing, never letting me suffer in the silence.

I am also VERY thankful for those of you who sent thoughts/prayers and sat with me!!

I still have to do this again in December, but I have so much more confidence and less anxiety about it.

Tonight is such a dreadful night. The wind is blowing so hard the doors keep popping open. I'm not a fan of wind being that we're in the middle of the woods and trees are very close to the house. There are plenty of things going bump in the night, but I couldn't care less about any of them. I have my best friend (and crush) CS by my side, watching movies, playing video games, and crashing on the couches until classes tomorrow.

Last night EVERYONE was here! It makes me feel so good to know that these people genuinely care about me. I haven't been able to say that for... wow... I don't know when... I don't know if I've ever been able to say that. I'm not going to say "If it weren't for them..." or any of that stuff, because I don't want to be relying on them. They aren't there to catch me if I fall, they aren't there to help pull me up, they are there because we all care about each other. We cheer each other on, lend a helping hand, or just send good vibes to each other, BUT only when we can. I know that my friends from a different county can't be there on a whim, I can't even say that about the ones who live 2 minutes from me. But if they can't, someone will, and if they missed out on being there, they always make it up to you.

I felt like I was never there enough for them. Like I was the "taker" in all of our relationships. I think these last few weeks was my way of saying thank you, and I'll try to step up.

The same goes for all of you. I've been keeping to my blog, not checking up on you guys. I'm slacking!! I'm going to try and pick back up, you guys deserve it! Thank you all again, so much!



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