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Today I'm exhausted. I can't keep my eyes open. Fatigue is killing me again, what's with this damn thing. I made some phone calls about uni stuff and did some reading about it. I also went to the Chaplaincy which was nice, and was helpped by someone there to find all the relevant regulations and documents. It seems from someone I spoke to that I may have a case under disability discrimination law. But I'm not sure whether I'd want to go down this route or not, it seems a little heavy handed (even if they deserve it) and I'm not sure I would be up for the fight either (guess I'm chicken). But I also joined my housemates when they went for ice cream this evening (though managed to resist it myself!!), which was nice. However, now I'm just feeling so unwell again - I just feel like I can't stay awake, thus I've no idea how I'm gonna make it through tomorrow as I have a full day of it. It takes so so little for me to feel so so ill at the moment. Idk.

Forest x


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