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Anger, Hatred, And Despair



Anger, hatred, and despair

I silently consider why you're there.

In the hope that contemplation

will heal this irritation

that leads me to brink of lost control.

As I linger on patrol

my mind begins to wander,

and then as if to smart the wound

cracks appear in my inner gloom.

Placidly I watch,

as my defenses break against the rush,

that cometh from a burning bush

to lighten and protect the way

to man's first enlightened day.

Anger, hatred, and despair

of ghosts that in the closet bare

have shatter all alliance beyond repair.

In this day you would think:

that ghosts would learn to share.

So they flutter on their different ways

They go un-noticed through the haze,

and break into the deep; for an everlasting sleep.

have you ever wondered while you sleep,

about the company you keep?

Per-say - Anger, Hatred, and Despair

Just what are you doing there?


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