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New To Blogging



Hi everyone, My name is AWolf74075, at least here on the forum. I was recently given the idea that some of my poetry and short stories might find a well received home here among members. Since I rarely share any of my work, this is a wonderful opportunity for me to do so, and perhaps gain some confidence in my own abilities.

I can not promise that there will not be some potential triggers within the bodies of my work; however, I can promise that if I feel there is the slightest possibility that any of my posts may contain a trigger, I will mark the title heading with a Trigger Warning so any readers will receive a heads up!

I hope that as I find, create, and post material that those who choose to read it will find some enjoyment in the reading, and I hope to hear constructive criticism as well! I mean there is always room for improvement. Thank you one and all, and may you have a peaceful and blessed day.


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